Personalized Hand Carved Candles

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Sweet 15 Candles

About Us

Candle Making Process

We are candle makers working in Florida area for several years. Our business offer high quality products. We personalized unity candles. Each candle is carved as unique piece, one at time.

Wedding unity candles and variety of personalized candles for any occasion is our specialty. Teach how to make and carved candles is a skill obtained from lessons giving to numerous people during the last seven years. We are transferring the experience to the apprentice in detail because we believe that a skill mastered is power. We also believe that "to work doing what you love to do is not hard work, is a pleasure."

We begin to train ourselves with the help of a strong will. Our success has been the journey of learning from our mistakes and keep on going forward. This is way we are proud of the results.

Hours of Operation: Monday–Sunday, 9:30 a.m.–8:00 p.m. • Now Accepting Pay Pal